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Travel Coffee Maker That Heats Water

Travel Coffee Maker That Heats Water

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Coffee anywhere you go!

Portable: Perfect for putting in your backpack and taking off! With the press of a button, you can have coffee anywhere.

Light weight & compact: This is an extremely light espresso machine and weighs only 1.4lbs (0.6kg).

Rechargeable: Charge and go! USB-C cable allows the device to be charged at home or in your car.

Water heating: This tiny device can heat water for your espresso shot.

Long battery life: The Ezspresso coffee maker can extract over 50 cups of espresso on a single charge if you add hot water. It extracts 4-6 cups with the heating function, which is perfect for day activities.


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Care Instructions

Do not hold the device under running water. Please follow the instructions guide that is shipped with the product.

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