What is the Ezspresso Coffee Machine?

The Ezspresso coffee machine is a portable electric coffee machine. You can pour in cold water and it produces steaming hot espresso shots. It gives you the freedom to have your personal blend of coffee anywhere you go.  

Does this need to be plugged in while extracting coffee?

Nope! This device has a built in Li battery allowing this device to be location-free. It comes with a USB Type C connector which you can use to charge at home or even in your car.

So what makes Ezspresso unique?

This portable electric coffee maker is the lightest and most compact coffee maker out there. It makes an excellent travel companion for anyone who enjoys their own coffee when traveling, hiking or going on road trips.

What type of coffee should I use for making coffee through this machine?

This coffee maker has a dual functionality. You can use nespresso pods or you can use your own blend of coffee as long as you use an extremely fine powder.

So how many espresso shots does it make?

If you add cold water and use the heating function, then a fully charged battery will extract 4-6 shots of espresso. However, if you use boiling water, it can extract over 50 shots out of a single charge. The warmer the water is, the more battery life you will get.

How do you clean this device?

Note that this device is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. Clean the body of the device only with a towel. Certain parts like the coffee cup, locking chamber, capsule adapter, ground coffee filter and basket can be hand-washed separately. 

What is the shipping rate for this device?

Currently, we only sell in USA and Canada and shipping is FREE in both countries.

Where will you be shipping from?

We are based in Canada and all our shipments will be coming from Canada.

How long will it take for the shipment to reach me?

All shipments are scheduled to reach you within 5-8 business days.

What if I want to return this product?

We do offer a 30 day trial period. If you want to return our products within this timeframe, please email us at support@ezspresso.com and someone will respond within 48 hours.